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The only News Aggregator App focused on entirely Independent and Alternative News and Blogs.  No Main Stream Media…No Bias….No Fake News.  All Publishers are screened by our team to make sure you are getting the REAL Story.  Download today.

Our News Apps

There are a ton of News Apps out there....but none give you unbiased News.
Independent and Alternative News journalism without prejudice
"Just the facts Ma'am"

Web Based View of Articles

All Articles from our list of Independent and Alternative Authors are delivered from the author's site directly. No MSM, biased articles.

Ability to Comment/Like/Share

Interact with others to share your point of view on articles from around the web. Share to social media and follow your likes.

Easy Navigation of Feeds

We curate and catalog the articles so you don't have to. Easy aggregation at your fingertips on all the categories that are interest to you.

2RUTH Network App Features

A great way at reading all of your favorite news on all of your devices!
Check out all the cool features below:

Easy Navigation

Articles are put into Categorical Tiles. Each Category will show the latest News from the original Authors.

Breaking News

A tab that gives you Breaking News on all categories.

Social Sharing

Like an Article or Blog? Share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Commenting and Likes

Login through your Social Media accounts and tell people what you think. Like something and come back to it later.



Designed with easy to read tiles and listing of Articles.


  • pictureFind what you want, when you want.
  • picture All articles show up by latest date of publish.
  • picture Trending video blogs and news coming soon.


All Articles and Blogs are broken up into Categories for easy navigation.

Watch our awesome video presentation.


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There is just three of us....but we bust our hump at bringing you the best mobile Alternative News experience.
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We welcome new content creators to be showcased on the 2RUTH Network Apps.  Benefits of being a 2RUTH Network partner:

  •   Have your content served on a nicely designed App directly from your server.  (must have a responsive mobile designed page/post)
  •   Gain readership from a global stage.
  •   All content traffic and advertising is 100% yours.

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